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Procedure.....Who does what & when

League Discipline Committee


  • If five Penalty runs are awarded they must inform the captain of the offending team and inform the scorers.

  • Umpires must record details of all five run penalties on their report card.

  • Umpires must inform the captain and player(s) of intention to report.

  • Umpires must call League Disciplinary Chairman by 10pm the following day.

  • The completed Disciplinary Report Form must be submitted to League Disciplinary Chairman within 48 hours.​​

​​League Disciplinary Officials

  • The Disciplinary Chairman to contact relevant club(s) by 10pm the day after receiving notification from umpires.

  • The date of a disciplinary panel will be confirmed in writing. This will usually be convened within ten days.

Club Officials

  • Arrange an internal inquiry.

  • Report their findings in writing to the Disciplinary Chairman before the panel hearing.

The Hearing

  • Players(s) and captain to attend Disciplinary Panel hearing along with a club official.
  • ​If required the umpires will be invited to present evidence to the panel only.
  • ​Disciplinary Panel to consider the club's internal inquiry verdict together with the evidence presented at the hearing.
  • Panel will advise the club and its player(s) of the verdict and of the right of appeal.


  • ​Notice of an appeal must be made by email to the Disciplinary Chairman within 7 days. A £50 deposit is required.

  • ​An appeal will be called within seven days, the date of which will be notified in writing.

  • The appeal panel will consist of three members not previously involved in the case.

  • The panel's verdict will be binding.

  • ​Decision will be advised to the club and the persons involved in the incident.

Reporting Of Verdicts

  • ​The Bradford League Umpires Association secretary to be informed.

  • The outcomes of all disciplinary cases will be reported on the League website. 

  • ​The outcomes of all disciplinary cases must be reported to the Yorkshire Cricket Board within seven days.

  • ​If a player is registered to a First Class club his county, the PCA and ECB have to be notified within seven days.