Woodlands United's first and second teams won trophies in 1904. The first team; under the captaincy of A Lambert won the Flannery Cup and medas of the Low Moor & District Cricket League. The second team also won the league. The first team group included Preston lambert; J Harrison; A Crowther; G Edwards; T Wilson; J Broadbent; A Wilson; A Haley; D Legget; A Lambert; J Gledhill; A Holden; A Tordoff; J Broadwith and J Arnold.; The second team group included A Wilson; J Pearson; J Marsh; Holdsworth; Briggs; S Haley; J Lightowler; G Edwards; JE Gledhill; T Hodgson; S Haley; T Edwards; A Wilkinspn

The Early Years

How it all began...

Woodlands were formed in 1894, initially joining the Low Moor & District League in 1895, they then played in various other local leagues, including the Bradford League for two years, until 1920 when they settled for the Bradford Central Cricket League.

Woodlands' first ground was virtually a field at Hag Hall Farm, but when they were given notice to quit at the end of the 1950 season their very future was in jeopardy. After protracted negotiations a plot of land was purchased on Salthorn Common to turn into a cricket field. The job was massive with levelling being the priority, but the members rallied together to convert the land into an acceptable cricket field. It was a rural setting with very limited facilities until the erection of a pavilion in 1961.

When Woodlands won their first major trophy in the Bradford Central League in 1936 it had taken them 15 years since joining the league. It was the First Division title, and this was followed in the 1940's by further titles in 1945 and 1947 sandwiched between a famous Waddilove cup victory in 1946. After winning the cup again in 1963, they went a couple of decades before their golden years of 1980-1987 when they won the coveted double in 1982, and two further titles and cups.

The aforementioned decade produced a cricketer who could well be regarded as the best on their books up to the nineties. Peter Godfrey was a classic left-handed batsman who could have graced any of the senior leagues of Yorkshire. During the eighties he won the league's batting averages on two occasions, and finished in second place twice more. In 1984 he scored in all competitions 1,761 runs with an average of 50.31, including 2 centuries and eleven fifties.  

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